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Head of IN VIVO electrophysiology platform

PhD, Doctor in Neurosciences

Sandrine is head of the in vivo platform at E-PHY-SCIENCE. Trained as a neurophysiologist Sandrine has more than 10 years of experience in vivo electrophysiology (single and multi-electrode recordings).

Sandrine joined E-PHY-SCIENCE in 2014. Prior to that, she completed two postdoctoral fellowships in France. She received a PhD in Neurosciences from the university of Nice (France).

Selected publications
Selected publications
Rosselet Céline, Fieschi Maxime , Hugues Sandrine, Bureau Ingrid Associative learning changes the organization of functional excitatory circuits targeting the supragranular layers of mouse barrel cortex. Frontiers in neural circuits 2011
Fleuriet Jérome,  Hugues Sandrine, Perrinet Laurent, Goffart Laurent Saccadic foveation of a moving visual target in the rhesus monkey. Journal of Neurophysiology 2010
Hugues Sandrine, Garcia René Reorganization of learning-associated prefrontal synaptic plasticity between the recall of recent and remote fear extinction memory. Learning and Memory. 14:520-524 2007
Hugues Sandrine, Garcia René, Léna Isabelle Time course of extracellular catecholamine and glutamate levels in the rat medial prefrontalcortex during and after extinction of conditioned fear. Synapse 2007
Hugues Sandrine, Chessel Aline, Léna Isabelle, Marsault Robert, Garcia René Activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase in the media prefrontal cortex is required for consolidation of extinction learning. Synapse 2006
Farinelli Mélissa, Deschaux Olivier,  Hugues Sandrine, Garcia René Hippocampal low-frequency stimulation and tetanus, associated with prefrontal synaptic plasticity, modulate recall of fear extinction. Learning and Memory 2006
Hugues Sandrine, Deschaux Olivier, Garcia René Postextinction infusion of a mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitor into the medialprefrontal cortex impairs memory of the extinction of conditioned fear. Learning and Memory 2004
Hugues Sandrine, Kessal Karima, Hunt Mark J, Garcia René A conditioned stressful environment causes short-term metaplastic-like changes in the rat nucleus accumbens. Journal of Neurophysiology 2003