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Mélissa Farinelli, Founder and President of E-PHY-SCIENCE

PhD, Doctor in Neurosciences

Mélissa is Founder and President of E-PHY-SCIENCE.  Head of the Ex vivo platform, she was trained as a neurophysiologist and has more than 15 years of experience in Electrophysiology.

Mélissa completed a PhD in Neurosciences from the ETH Zurich (Switzerland). During her PhD, Mélissa performed fundamental discoveries on the mechanism underlying pro-death neuronal signaling pathways that contribute to neuronal degeneration in many acute CNS diseases. She then completed two post-doctoral fellowships in Switzerland, during which she was part of the Roche Program Fellowship. In the laboratory of Isabelle Mansuy (Brain Research Institute of Zurich) and in the lab of Kaspar Vogt (Biozentrum, university of Basel) Mélissa was trained as a neurophysiologist and has more than 15 years of experience in Electrophysiology.

As head of E-PHY-SCIENCE, over the last 8 years, Mélissa supervised several projects for pharma and biotech running CNS diseases programs.

Selected publications
Selected publications

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Modifying Rap1-signalling by targeting Pde6δ is neuroprotective in models of Alzheimer’s disease


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The memory gene KIBRA is a bidirectional regulator of synaptic and structural plasticity in the adult brain.


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Selective Regulation of NR2B by Protein Phosphatase-1 for the Control of the NMDA Receptor in Neuroprotection

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International Publication date: 15.01.2009
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