Virginie Briffaud

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Virginie Briffaud, Researcher

PhD, Doctor in Neurosciences

Virginie is an ex vivo and in vivo electrophysiologist. After a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Lyon 1 (France), Virginie worked for 5 years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm (Sweden). Trained as a neurophysiologist, Virginie is experienced in  in vivo electrophysiology (intracellular, single and multi-electrode recordings) and  ex vivo (Patch-clamp recordings). Since 2015, Virginie joined the ex vivo platform.of E-PHY-SCIENCE performing field and whole-cell patch-clamp recordings to answer the need of our partner.

Selected publications
Fourcaud-Trocmé N, Briffaud V, Thévenet M, Buonviso N, Amat C. In vivo beta and gamma subthreshold oscillations in rat mitral cells: origin and gating by respiratory dynamics Journal of Neurophysiology 2018
Briffaud V, Williams P, Courty J, Broberger C. Excitation of tuberoinfundibular dopamine neurons by oxytocin: crosstalk in the control of lactation. Journal of Neuroscience 2015
Briffaud V, Fourcaud-Trocmé N, Messaoudi B, Buonviso N, Amat C The relationship between respiration-related membrane potential slow oscillations and discharge patterns in mitral/tufted cells: what are the rules? PloS One 2012

Full texts availables on request.