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E PHY SCIENCE In Vivo Ex Vivo Electrophysiology platform

IN VITRO Electrophysiology

Acute/organotypic brain slices
Cell cultures

Spontaneous activity of cells

  • Action potential discharges by single neurons in slices
  • Network oscillations (Theta and Gamma Rhythms)
  • Unitary conductance of a single channel
  • Spontaneous excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic currents
  • NMDA/AMPA ratios

Basal synaptic transmission and other evoked signals

  • Evoked field potentials
  • Input-output relationships

Short-term plasticity

  • Paired-pulse facilitation
  • Paired pulse depression
  • Post-tetanic potentiation

Long-term plasticity

  • High-frequency long-term potentiation
  • Theta-burst long-term potentiation
  • ESPS-spike (E–S) potentiation
  • Chemical long-term potentiation
  • Low-frequency long-term depression
  • Chemical long-term depression

Download our leaflet summarizing E-PHY-SCIENCE in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological services.