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E PHY SCIENCE In Vivo Ex Vivo Electrophysiology platform

IN VIVO Electrophysiology

Freely moving animals – Anesthetized animals

Field potential and Multi-unit recordings

  • Extracellular single electrode recordings
  • Extracellular multi-electrode recordings : 8-channels silicon probe
  • Electroencephalogram

Signal analysis

  • Field potential: Time frequency map, fast-Fourier transform, coherence
  • Spike: spike sorting, field potential-spike relationship

Plasticity measurement

  • Short-term and long­-term potentiation
  • Short­-term and long­-term depression

Plasticity induction

  • High-frequency stimulation
  • Low-frequency stimulation
  • Behavioral induction of plasticity : fear extinction, fear conditioning, associative learning

Brain perturbations

  • Acute and chronic injection of drugs under stereotaxic control
  • Brain lesions

Download our leaflet summarizing E-PHY-SCIENCE in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological services.